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Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care at Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center

Eye problems come in all possible degrees of severity and seriousness, from minor annoyances to sight-threatening crises. When you're confronted with an acute or dangerous eye injury or condition, you need to know you can get immediate care from experienced experts. That's why you'll want to keep Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center in your phone's contact list at all times. Our Lewiston clinic can provide the skilled diagnosis and emergency treatment your eyes urgently need.

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Common Eye Emergencies

It can sometimes be hard to estimate the severity of a painful eye problem, especially if you're panicking and can’t think clearly. It pays to have some prior knowledge of what kinds of problems constitute an eye emergency. Here are some of the issues that demand immediate evaluation:

  • Sudden vision impairment - If your field of vision suddenly seems to have a "Dark curtain" over it, you may have a detached retina. Bright flashes may represent tears in your retina. If your vision loss is accompanied by headaches, pain and nausea, you may be suffering from an acute attack of angle-closure glaucoma.
  • Chemical burns - Acids and other corrosive chemicals can get splashed into the eyes, causing serious scarring and other damage to the delicate corneas. 
  • Foreign objects - A solid object that gets lodged in the eye can scratch or infect the eye tissues. Flying objects that enter the eye at high speed may even become embedded in the wall of the eye.
  • Acute infection - Most eye infections are not serious, but a severe case of conjunctivitis or some other acute infection can do permanent damage to the eyes unless it is brought under control.

Prompt, Caring Treatment from Our Lewiston Optometrist

Our Lewiston optometrist, Dr. Mailhot, can give you immediate first aid advice over the phone while preparing to receive you during our normal office hours. Once we understand the exact nature of your emergency, we can wash out those dangerous chemicals, remove foreign objects, and provide antibiotics or anti-viral drugs to help tame serious infections. If your condition requires more invasive medical care, we can refer you to an eye specialist for surgery or other advanced forms of treatment.

Let Our Eye Clinic Come to Your Rescue

Our Lewiston eye clinic stands ready to help you get through that alarming eye emergency as safely and comfortably as possible. Call 207-782-9501 whenever you need emergency care at Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center. It's a call that could save your eyesight!