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Sports Vision

Sports Vision

Seeing and processing information quickly are requirements of every sport, from football and hockey to baseball and e-sports. To ensure that you're at your best to play, you need to have a sports vision exam from Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center in Lewiston, ME. Choose us when you search for an "eye doctor near me.”


Visual Abilities You Need for Sports

For playing sports, you need to be able to see clearly, but that is only one of the many visual skills that you will need. In addition to visual acuity, which is how well you can see, you must also be able to follow fast-moving objects.  Whether you want to catch a flying baseball or dodge a running player, your eyes need to track large or small objects passing at high speed.

Peripheral vision also helps you to see if a player or ball is coming from your side. You can react better to the field, your fellow players, and the rest of the playing environment if you have good peripheral vision.

Depth perception requires both eyes working in tandem to determine the distance of objects away from you. With good depth perception, you can calculate when you need to move to catch a pass.

An optometrist can do a thorough sports vision exam to determine if your eyes are ready for you to safely enjoy your choice of sport.

What an Optometrist Assesses for Sports Vision

During a sports vision exam, the eye doctor will test your eyes' health and visual acuity. These parts of the exam are the same as any other comprehensive eye and vision exam. After that, you will have your depth perception, object tracking, peripheral vision, and other visual skills tested to make sure that you will be safe on the field. Poor vision while playing sports puts you at greater risk for injury or lackluster performance. Get your vision checked up by making an appointment for a sports vision exam.

Find Your Answer to Your Search for an "Eye Doctor Near Me"

At Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center in Lewiston, ME, we want to be your first choice when you look up "eye doctor near me." Our comprehensive range of services includes sports vision exams, emergency eye care, contact lens exams, pre- and post-operation evaluations, and much more. Connect with us by ringing our office at 207-782-9501. You can get answers to any questions or concerns you have and set an appointment. Give yourself an edge in your sport by ensuring that your vision will help you to stay safe and excel on the field.