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Polarized Glasses

What You Need to Know About Polarized Glasses

Glare is the enemy of good vision on water, ice, and snow. Family Eye Health, your optometrist in Lewiston, Lisbon, Sabattus, and Greene, can help you find exactly the lenses and tint you need for maximum enjoyment of your time in the sun.

What You Need to Know About Polarized Glasses

What's special about polarized glasses?

A polarized lens is coated with a laminate that blocks horizontal beams of light. When sunlight strikes an object, rays of light are reflected in all directions. But if that object is flat, the reflected light tends to concentrate on the horizontal plane. Polarized glasses block the light that causes glare.

Polarized glasses are essential for outdoor activities in the sun

Your opportunities for outdoor activities when the sun is shining don't come every day. You want to make the most of every minute. That's why you need polarized glasses. Glasses with polarized lenses can help you see that bear ahead of you on the hiking trail. They can help you see fish lurking just under the surface of the water. They reduce eye strain when you have to drive long distances on a sunny day, and they help you see the true colors of nature.

There are a few situations in which polarized glasses aren't your best choice. If you're concerned about icy patches in the ski trail, then you need sunglasses that aren't polarized on a sunny day and tinted goggles when it's cloudy. It's easier to see a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen such as the LCD screen at the ATM without polarized lenses. You may prefer not to wear polarized glasses when you are using your phone. When you need to read an LCD panel on your plane or boat, take off any polarized glasses.

But everyone needs polarized glasses. For most situations in which glare interfere with vision, you need polarized glasses.

But aren't my sunglasses polarized?

Here's a quick test of whether you have polarized lenses in your sunglasses. Find a pair of glasses you know are polarized. There will be a rack of glasses with polarized lenses anywhere sunglasses are sold. Hold your glasses at a 90-degree angle to the glasses you know are polarized. If the lenses go dark, then you have polarized glasses. Polarized lenses block horizontal rays. When you hold two pairs of polarized glasses at right angles, both horizontal and vertical rays of light are blocked.

Dr. Mailhot can provide you with prescription polarized glasses or the right glasses with the right tint for your contacts. You'll get sharper vision for fun in the sun with prescription polarized glasses.

Come in for your prescription polarized glasses.

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