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Keratoconus Treatment from Your Optometrist in Lewiston, ME

An eye disorder most often associated with youth is keratoconus, and symptoms typically become apparent in people between the ages of 10 and 25. Patients can experience the best results with an early diagnosis. Comprehensive vision testing at Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center in Lewiston includes screening for this disorder and other vision issues.


Understanding Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a disorder that develops after the cornea of the eye thins. Thinning allows the cornea to bulge and eventually take on a cone-like shape. People with this condition can experience blurry vision and sensitivity to light and glare.

In a normal eye, collagen fibers hold the cornea in place. However, in keratoconus patients, these fibers weaken to the point where the cornea bulges.

The outcome of each case is unpredictable as far as the extent of bulging of the cornea. The same degree of bulging may take years for some patients but far less time for others. Not knowing exactly what to expect can be very frustrating for many sufferers.

The symptoms our Lewiston patients most often experience include:

  • Increasing sensitivity to light and glare, particularly at night
  • Frequent changes in prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses
  • Blurry or distorted vision
  • Vision that suddenly clouds or worsens

While research has, yet, to pinpoint the particular cause of keratoconus, environmental and genetic factors probably have a role in causing it. Each sufferer has a 10 percent chance of having a parent with this disorder. Some healthcare professionals believe that collagen fibers thin because of a lower-than-normal antioxidant level. 

Options for Keratoconus Treatment

For patients with early stages of keratoconus, the standard therapy is eyeglasses to correct vision. However, there are many other options available for advanced keratoconus.

Many patients benefit from using successive types of contact lenses, such as soft, rigid gas permeable, piggyback, hybrid, and scleral contacts. Collagen cross-linking, a therapy that combines drops of vitamin B12 with ultraviolet light, is a helpful procedure that our optometrist can co-manage with an ophthalmologist.

For some patients, inserting implants known as Intacs normalizes the cornea’s curve. We provide pre- and post-surgical care when our eye doctor recommends a corneal transplant.

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