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Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral Contact Lenses from Your Optometrist in Lewiston, ME

At Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center, we understand that every single eye is unique. That’s why we provide world-class eye and vision care that takes your specific needs into account, including scleral contact lenses and other specialty eyewear. If you rely on corrective lenses but struggle to wear contacts, our optometrist in Lewiston, ME, may be able to help. Scleral lenses are specialty contact lenses that were designed for certain eye shapes and conditions, and they make it possible for many of our patients to enjoy frame-free lifestyles after struggling with hard-to-fit contacts.

scleral contact lenses

What Are Scleral Contact Lenses?

Some of our patients have trouble wearing traditional contactlenses, because these lenses aren’t designed to accommodate the shape or condition of their eyes. They may struggle with dry, red, or itchy eyes while wearing contacts, or notice vision irregularities or even pain due tohard-to-fit lenses. Fortunately, eyeglasses aren’t always the only alternative. Scleral contact lenses are breathable, gas-permeable lenses that don’t actually come into contact with the corneas. Unlike traditional contact lenses, scleral lenses are large enough to fit under the upper and lower eyelids, and curved enough to arch over the corneas without touching them at all.  

Advantages of Scleral Contact Lenses

So, why is it important to offer lenses that don’t touch the corneas? Well, dozens of different ocular conditions, vision problems, and even eye injuries can disrupt, change, or irritate the surface of the cornea. If patients attempt to wear lenses that come into direct contact with the cornea, these conditions may result in vision irregularities, inflammation, excessive dryness, and other symptoms that interfere with daily life.

Because the cornea is such a sensitive, crucial tissue (and it plays such a crucial role in interpreting images), it’s important to keep it lubricated and comfortable. A scleral lens provides the following benefits for the cornea:  

  • Arches over the cornea, avoiding irritation to sensitive or damaged tissue
  • Keeps a reservoir of saline fluid on the corneal surface, promoting healing and preventing inflammation
  • Maintains eye lubrication, making up for decreases in quality or quantity of tears
  • Masks vision irregularities, creating a smooth surface to interpret images
  • Lowers the risk of complications, including dry eyes and accidental dislodging of lenses
  • Corrects vision with custom prescriptions, even if the surface of the cornea is not smooth

Conditions Our Optometrist Treats with Scleral Lenses

Our optometrist in Lewiston is committed to correcting your vision and protecting your eyes, no matter what. If you have trouble wearing corneal contact lenses, you may have a condition or injury that can be managed with scleral lenses instead. Our optometrist in Lewiston, ME, uses scleral lenses to help patients with the following conditions and injuries, among others:

  • Keratoconus – This common eye condition may occur naturally or due to surgery or injury, but it’s always marked by irregularly shaped corneas, which will cause blurry vision without specialty lenses
  • Dry Eye Syndrome – If your eyes don’t produce enough tears naturally, constant friction with traditional contacts may result in excessive dryness and irritation
  • Astigmatism – Light appears to scatter and blur for patients with this refractive error, which usually means the cornea is asymmetrical or the lens is too curved

Schedule a Contact Lens Exam with Our Optometrist in Lewiston, ME

Are you interested in scleral lenses? If you struggle with irregularities or injuries that make it difficult to wear contacts, you might be a good candidate for scleral lenses. Get started with a comprehensive contact lens exam at Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center. Call us today to schedule an exam with our optometrist in Lewiston, ME.