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OCT Scanning Technology

OCT Scanning Technology Available at Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center

Your optometrist in Lewiston, ME uses OCT Scanning Technology for improved retina assessment

New scanning technologies give patients and optometrists more accurate information about the retina, or the back of the eye, and specific conditions that can interfere with vision. Patients with diabetes, glaucoma, vitreous traction and other conditions can benefit from the early diagnosis and more informed care possible through the use of OCT scanning technology.

Your optometrist in Lewiston, ME uses OCT scanning technology in the care of vision patients at Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center. Learn more about OCT Scanning Technology and how it benefits vision patients at Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center.

OCT scanning technology

What Is OCT Scanning Technology?

OCT or optical coherence tomography is an imaging test that is non-invasive. Light waves are used to capture cross-section pictures of the retina. OCT allows optometrists to assess the health, map and measure the thickness of the distinctive layers of the retina. Measurements taken help with diagnosis of eye conditions and monitoring of retinal health, eye conditions and progress of treatment. Your optometrist at Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center uses OCT scanning technology to improve vision care for Lewiston residents.

How Does OCT Scanning Technology Work?

OCT was developed in 1991 and has since evolved to become a powerful tool to identify and assess retina abnormalities. Light waves are used to generate cross sectional images of the retina. OCT is a safe and effective way for patients to receive the most accurate diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of specific eye conditions.

Patients may be given eye drops to dilate the eye before scanning. Vision patients can then expect to sit in front of the machine, resting their head on a support. Eyes are scanned without any additional contact from the OCT scanner. The process takes approximately 5-10 minutes. Some patients report some sensitivity to light for a few hours after receiving the exam. Schedule an appointment for an exam using OCT if there has been changes to your vision or you or someone you know have been diagnosed with certain eye conditions or diabetes. Dr. Mailhot can use the images and measurements to monitor conditions and inform treatment.

What Conditions Can OCT Scanning Technology Diagnose or Treat?

OCT imaging tests are used to diagnose and treat a number of conditions. OCT can benefit patients with:

  • Diseases of the retina
  • Vitreous traction
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Central serous retinopathy
  • Macular edema;
  • Macular pucker
  • Macular hole
  • Glaucoma
  • Optic nerve disorders
  • Dense cataracts
  • Diabetic eye diseases
  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Your optometrist uses OCT scanning technology to diagnose conditions, monitor the thickness of retinal layers, capture images of the retina of the eye and offer more accurate information to guide the treatment of specific conditions.

Patients experiencing vision issues or diagnosed with conditions including age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or other eye conditions can significantly improve monitoring and treatment of their condition through the use of OCT scanning technology available at Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center in Lewiston.

OCT Scanning Technology Used by Your Optometrist in Lewiston, ME

Traditional eye exams are not enough to diagnose and treat certain eye conditions. Technologies have advanced and light waves can now capture images and measure layers of the retina. The use of OCT can help optometrists with the diagnosis and care of your eye condition.

Treat eye conditions and support eye health and vision with OCT scanning technology at Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center. Contact Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center at 207-782-9501 to schedule an appointment using OCT scanning technology and learn more about how OCT can improve your treatment.