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Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK Consultation, Pre- and Post-Op Services at Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center

Your optometrist in Lewiston, ME provides LASIK consultation, pre- and post-op services for LASIK patients

lasik eye exam

You can see without prescriptive eyeglasses or contacts. LASIK eye surgery consultations and related services are available at Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center and can correct vision issues in patients.  

LASIK surgery is a safe and effective procedure. LASIK consultations, referrals and pre- and post-op care are available from your optometrist in Lewiston, ME. Learn more about LASIK surgery services, referrals and pre- and post-op care.

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery, or laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, offers patients a permanent corrective alternative to using eyewear. It is a surgical procedure that can correct vision issues. Vision issues that can be addressed with LASIK include:

  • Astigmatism;
  • Hyperopia (farsightedness); and
  • Myopia (nearsightedness).

Consultations and pre- and post-operative exams for LASIK are available at Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center. LASIK eye surgery procedures reshape the cornea and requires a small incision in the outermost layer of the eye. Those healing from LASIK surgery may experience common side effects including dry eye or seeing halos surrounding bright lights.

Patients who are tired of wearing corrective eyeglasses or contacts or suffer from specific conditions affecting their vision undergo LASIK surgery to see better without prescriptive eyewear. Pre and post-op exams and LASIK care are offered by Dr. Mailhot of Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center.

Who Are Candidates for LASIK Surgery?

Potential LASIK candidates must first speak with Dr. Mailhot for an evaluation and referral for LASIK surgery. At that point, patients receive a full assessment of eye health and vision, as well as completing a patient history. Information from the exam and patient history informs the optometrist about your health and any risks were you to undergo LASIK surgery. Not everyone is a candidate. Those that are can receive a referral and specialized pre- and post-op care at Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center.

Those that may not be suitable candidates for LASIK surgery include:

  • Patients under 18 years of age; and
  • Individuals with diabetes and other specific medical conditions.

What Care Is Needed After Surgery?

Post-operative begins soon after LASIK surgery. A follow-up appointment is scheduled for the day after the surgery. During the following six months, LASIK patients will need to schedule and go to regular appointments to monitor healing and improvements in vision. LASIK patients will also have a full exam after a year to assess all vision and LASIK-related results.

LASIK Consultation, Pre- and Post-Surgery Op Services from Your Optometrist in Lewiston, ME

LASIK is a common treatment to improve vision. Adults 18 and over that are tired of using prescriptive eyewear may be good candidates for the procedure. Pre- and post-op care is necessary to make an optimal recovery and improve your vision. Family Eye Heath and Contact Lens Center is dedicated to helping patients see their best and guiding them through the pre- and post-op requirements related to LASIK surgery.

Vision patients in Lewiston or living in surrounding communities have come to trust and rely upon Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center for all of their vision needs. Optometrists and staff are dedicated to delivering high-quality eye care and expertise to all vision patients. Come to your optometrist in Lewiston, ME to renew your prescription, monitor eye health, select new eyewear and address eye injuries or eye conditions. Contact Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center in Lewiston, ME at 207-782-9501 to schedule a LASIK consultation and learn more about LASIK eye surgery and pre- and post-op care.