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One Day Contact Lenses

One Day Contact Lenses With Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center In Lewiston, ME

Here at Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center in Lewiston, ME we are hearing more of our patients ask us about single-use contact lenses and how they can benefit them. There are a few ways to describe these lenses, such as daily disposable, daily, one day, and single-use, all come to mind, and all mean basically the same thing. Let's discuss how this type of lens can benefit you, especially if you are looking for a break from your regular contact lenses.

person putting contact lens on eye

What are the Differences Between Daily Disposable Lenses and Regular Contacts?

The main difference between single-use lenses and their "regular" counterparts is the effort that goes into the cleaning and storage of regular lenses. Disposable lenses come in various types that can be safely worn for varying periods of time, from one day up to two weeks. Be sure to discuss any lifestyle needs that you have that can impact the best type of lens for your situation.

Overview of Daily Disposable Lenses and Their Benefits

We recommend that any of our patients who are considering making any changes to their contact lenses undergo a comprehensive contact exam as part of the evaluation process. This step will let us make sure that your current prescription is at the correct level, and confirm that one-day contacts are an appropriate choice for your situation. One of the main differences with disposable lenses is that they are not recommended for overnight use. Please let us know if you typically sleep with your contacts, and plan to continue this practice.

Because one-day contact lenses are disposed of at the end of each day, there is no need to clean them overnight. When lenses are used for a longer period of time and require nightly cleaning, there is a higher risk of contamination of the lens and build-up of protein and sediment on the lenses. These factors can dramatically increase the likelihood of eye infections and other unwanted conditions. If you are experiencing a lot of irritation with your regular lenses, it may be time for you to schedule an exam.

Want to Know if One Day Contact Lenses are Right for You? Contact Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center in Lewiston, ME Today!

If you are considering making the switch to single-use lenses, we advise that you first come in Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center for a contact lens exam. This will allow us to determine the most appropriate lens for your needs, and verify that your current prescription is accurate. Call us today at 207-782-9501 to schedule your contact lens exam and fitting. Our vision center is conveniently located at 220 Sabattus Street in Lewiston, ME.