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Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes At Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center in Lewiston, ME

If your eyes are always feeling dry, you may think that you can't wear contacts. However, recent technology has allowed contact lens manufacturers to create lenses that can be worn on eyes that are susceptible to dryness. At Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center, we will determine if your eyes are suited to wear contact lenses. We will then determine what kinds of contacts will work with your dry eyes and get you fitted with the correct prescription lenses. Below are some of the best contacts that we offer for those with dry eyes.

Woman holding a contact lens

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are better than hard contact lenses for dry eyes. Hard contacts have a high water content, which means that they send more water to your eyes at first. However, it means that they also dry out quickly. The low water content of soft lenses is better at keeping your eyes moisturized throughout the day. Certain kinds of soft contact lenses have been developed specifically for optimal comfort for dry eyes. At Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center, we'll help you find lenses with the optimal water content for your eyes. 

Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral lenses are rigid gas permeable (GP), which allows them to provide your eye with plenty of oxygen. These lenses cover the entirety of your cornea, so they protect the front of your eyes from irritants, wind, and allergens. If you have corneas that are an irregular shape, we can provide you with lenses that are custom fit for your eyes.

In addition to not irritating their eyes, many people have reported that scleral contact lenses actually improve their dry eye symptoms. Scleral lenses can also provide you with sharper vision than soft contact lenses can. 

Ortho-K Lenses

Ortho-K lenses are specialized GP contacts that are meant to be worn overnight only. As you sleep, these contact lenses reshape your cornea in order to improve your vision. They produce a result similar to LASIK without the need for surgery. 

Since these lenses are only worn at night, they keep your eyes from getting irritated by lenses during the day. Our optometrist can determine if ortho-K lenses will work to fix your specific vision problems. 

Contact Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center to Schedule a Contact Lens Exam

If you're interested in getting contact lenses, contact Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center. Our optometrist Dr. Mailhot is an expert at determining whether eyes are suited for contacts and what kind of lenses can address symptoms of dry eye. We're proud to help people throughout Lewiston, ME keep their vision great and their eyes healthy.