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Eye Disease Management

Eye Disease Management at Family Health & Contact Lens Centre

At Family Health & Contact Lens Centre, caring for your eyes' wellness is our core identity. Our facility is fully equipped with world-class resources and trained optometrists to ensure you get the best eye care services.

The eye is one of the most essential organs in the body that allows people to see and perceive what they see. Without it, you wouldn't tell the difference between things that are before you. Interestingly, most people assume their eyes are in perfect conditions just because their vision is perfect. So, what happens when all over a sudden one loses your sense of sight? Visit the Family Health & Contact Lens Centre to get all the clarifications you need.


The Symptoms for Eye Disease

Did you know that eye diseases including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataract may be present long before symptoms develop? Most patients are often hesitant to go for eye tests or report any problem they might encounter in their everyday lives. There is a need to conduct public eye screening to enable early detection, treatment, and prevention of eye problems.

The Importance of Eye Disease Care

Sight impairment is a massive problem for most individuals and their family members. However, early detection of the problem is the first step towards ensuring it doesn't escalate to irreversible issues. If this fails to happen, then the said person should be referred to a reliable facility to get the right help. At Family Health & Contact Lens Centre, we are dedicated to offering unbiased services to people from all walks of life. With specialist eye care services, you will get all the help you need as long as you are eligible.

How Eye Disease Management Is Conducted

At Family Health & Contact Lens Centre, trained specialists will examine the front half of the eye where the main problems occur. The diagnosis begins by testing your visual acuity using the eye or picture chart. We inspect your eyes using light and magnification for further examination. They will confirm whether the color of your pupil is black, round, and of the same sizes.

It is crucial to scrutinize the health of your cornea. Your eye doctor will apply a few drops of local anesthetic drops on the conjunctival cells to reveal the problem. After that, they will take you through a lid eversion procedure to rule out any possibilities of contracting trachoma, follicular conjunctivas, and other external factors that may cause corneal irritations.

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It is your responsibility to maintain your eye's wellbeing! Visit any of our Family Health optometrists to get the eye care you need.