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Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens Exams from Your Lewiston Eye Doctor

Contact lenses Lewiston eye doctor

If you are looking for a Lewiston eye doctor to provide you with contact lenses we can help. At the Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center we offer comprehensive eye care solutions. We can assist you with everything from medical eye exams to contacts to treat your vision correction issues. Discover the benefits of a full-service eye care provider via Lewiston optometry.

Contact Lens Exams in Lewiston 

In order to choose the perfect type of contact lenses for your vision and eye needs we begin with a contact lens exam. Your optometrist in Lewiston, Dr. Reginald Mailhot, will examine your eyes to determine what type of vision correction you need at the moment. Dr. Mailhot will also take into account your eye issues, such as dry eye, eye infections, or allergy problems, when choosing the right contact lenses for you. 

Cosmetic Lens Options 

One of the newest innovations in contact lenses is the cosmetic lens. Using a cosmetic lens you can change the color of your eye. However, cosmetic lenses are also beneficial for patients who have irregularities in their eyes. With cosmetic lenses you can achieve a more natural and balanced appearance with your eyes.

Keep in mind you should always go to your Lewiston optometrist to get cosmetic lenses rather than choosing an over the counter fashion lens. Protect your eyes and vision by using contacts designed and personalized for your eye health by your optometrist in Lewiston so to avoid permanent damage or infection.

Specialized Contact Lenses

For patients who need specialized contact lenses in Lewiston the Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center has everything you need. We offer scleral lenses for individuals who have not responded well to traditional types of contacts. Scleral lenses are large contacts that create a vault over the cornea. This is useful for individuals with eye conditions, such as eye disease, a distorted cornea, or a keratoconus lens. 

In order to determine whether or not you need specialized contacts we offer comprehensive optometric services. These include medical eye care, diabetic eye exams, and retinal scans using our new OCT machine. Our goal is to provide you with everything except for eye surgery as we determine the best type of contacts for your vision needs. We can also provide you with a consultation for LASIK, as well as eye treatments for pink eye and dry eye, which can make contact lenses difficult to use.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Lewiston Eye Doctor 

Dr. Mailhot is your eye doctor in Lewiston at Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center. If you think you have vision issues come see Dr. Mailhot for an eye exam. He will help you determine if you need contacts. If so, he will walk you through the process of choosing the best contact lenses for your eye health. To schedule an appointment for contacts, contact Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center today at 207-782-9501.

Frequently Asked Contact Lens Questions: Answers from Our Lewiston Optometrist

So you're finally ready for contact lenses -- but where do you start, and what kind will you need? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions on this confusing subject from our Lewiston optometrist.

  • When do contact lenses have the advantage over eyeglasses? Contact lenses aren't as damage-prone as eyeglasses in activities such as contact sports, making them a wise choice for active individuals. They also correct your vision discreetly, in case you'd rather not tell the whole world that you have vision issues. Some contacts can even give you a whole new eye color.
  • Why do I need an additional exam for contact lenses? Contact lenses require an extra degree of fitting accuracy due to the fact that they must sit perfectly on the corneas. The contact lens exam also allows our optometrist in Lewiston to evaluate any eye conditions, corrective prescriptions, or lifestyle preferences that might indicate the need for specialized lenses.
  • How do eye and vision conditions influence my choice of contact lenses? If you're prone to dry eye, standard soft contacts may make that problem worse. They may also aggravate giant papillary conjunctivitis, a form of eye irritation related to proteins that gather on these lenses. Keratoconus involves a deformation of the cornea that soft lenses have trouble correcting. Soft lenses may also be insufficient for severe astigmatism, presbyopia, or strong prescriptions in general.
  • How might my lifestyle choices influence my contact lens selection? If you're the type who prefers to leap out of bed and face the world with clear vision, you may need extended-wear contacts that you can wear overnight. On the other hand, if you'd rather not bother with cleaning and storing your contacts properly, you should think about single-use contacts.
  • What kinds of specialized contact lenses do you offer? If your situation makes your eyes hard to fit, don't worry. Our optometrist in Lewiston can provide rigid gas permeable (RGP) contacts that hold a consistent shape. These materials not only do a superb job of correcting many kinds of refractive errors; they also accumulate fewer proteins, a must for sensitive eyes. Scleral contacts form a perfect sphere that completely covers the cornea, giving dry eyes a tear reservoir and compensating for keratoconus. We can even fit you with multifocal lenses (for presbyopia) or toric lenses (for astigmatism).

Our Lewiston Eye Doctor Can Answer More Questions You May Have

Let our Lewiston eye doctor help you choose the perfect pair of contact lenses for your unique eyes. Call Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center 207-782-9501 to schedule a contact lens exam!