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Common Eye Injuries

Common Eye Injuries and Help at Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center

Having something happen to your eye can be a huge hindrance in your daily activities. Your vision may become affected and there could be a nagging pain that is accompanied by it. Unfortunately, many people do not receive treatment right away and problems can worsen over time because of this. Fortunately, Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center in Lewiston, ME has the right resources that can help you if an eye injury happens to occur. Here are is a general explanation of common eye injuries and how an optometry specialist can help you with your condition.

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Common Types of Eye Injuries

Here are some common types of eye injuries that we frequently see here at our practice.

Scratched Cornea

Getting poked in the eye or rubbing your eye whenever there is a foreign body in it are two of the most common problems that we experience. Scratches in your eye can make it susceptible to infection that comes from bacteria or fungus. Seeking help from your eye doctor immediately is key to preventing further problems from developing. 

Chemical Burns

Getting splashed in the eye with a chemical can be a painful experience. While you may experience a temporary sting from this, certain chemicals can have incredibly damaging effects. Acids and alkali can cause irritation and redness in your eye. If problems persist, it is recommended that you seek immediate treatment.

Swollen Eyes

Getting hit in the eye can cause them to swell. Whether you have been hit by a baseball or punched in the eye, there will be swelling shortly after the impact. While the eye will recover in time, it is important to get a checkup to ensure that there is no internal damage.

What Should I Do if I Have an Eye Injury?

Here are some important tips that you should follow in the event of an eye injury.

  • If your eyes have come in contact with chemical exposure do not rub them. Use water to wash out the chemicals and seek immediate medical help.
  • Use a cold compress if you have been hit in the eye. If you notice bleeding or a serious change in the vision you will need to see an eye doctor right away.
  • Wash your eyes out if you have a foreign particle in your eye. Seek help from an optometrist who will be able to examine and remove the foreign debris if you cannot remove it yourself.

Tips to Help You Prevent Eye Injuries with Contacts

  • Always make sure to remove your contacts before going to bed.
  • Wash them regularly to avoid bacteria build-up that can lead to infections.
  • Make sure to visit your optometry specialist regularly to replace your contact lenses if they are becoming old and worn out.

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