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Cataract FAQs

Cataracts Questions Answered by a Lewiston, ME, Optometrist

Cataracts are a common eye problem amongst older adults that affects the lens of the eye. When you have cataracts, they can affect your vision and can progressively worsen over time. At the Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center, serving Lisbon, Sabattus, Greene, and Lewiston, ME, and the general vicinity, we diagnose, monitor, and manage cataracts.


What Does Having A Cataract Mean?

Having a cataract means that your eye’s lens became cloudy. Normally, the lens is clear to allow light to focus on the back of the eye. A cataract interferes with that process. If you have this condition, you will notice vision is as though you are looking through a foggy or frosted window.

How Fast Do Cataracts Develop?

Cataracts typically develop gradually. In the early stages, they don't impact your eyesight. However, as they progress, they begin to interfere with your vision.

Is It Difficult to Live with Cataracts?

Many people can live with them and without any treatment. But once cataracts start interfering with your vision, you may experience difficulty reading, driving, or performing your other normal-day tasks.

What Are The Symptoms of Cataracts?

You may notice the clouding only affects a small portion of the lens of your eye at first. However, as it begins to grow, the clouding of your lens makes it more difficult for light to pass through. As a result, your vision may appear cloudy, blurry, or dim. You may become more sensitive to light and glare and notice that you need brighter lights for reading and other activities. You may also see halos around light sources or notice colors start to fade or turn yellow. As your condition progresses, your prescription can change frequently.

How is Cataracts Treated?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for cataracts. However, they can be managed. If you are diagnosed with cataracts, our optometrists will monitor them and provide you the necessary care to preserve your vision and slow the progression down. We can keep updating your prescription to optimize your vision if your condition worsens. Once this is no longer possible or if we believe that you need immediate care, we will refer you to a surgeon for cataract surgery.

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