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Signs That Your Kids Have Vision Problems

Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center Discusses Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems

Most schools offer vision testing for elementary students, but failing this test isn't the only sign your child might need to see the optometrist. At Family Eye Health we recommend that all our patient parents watch out for common symptoms of eye problems in their children. If your child is exhibiting some of these symptoms, it's important that you bring her into our office for a comprehensive eye examination. While some of these symptoms may seem minor, if they continue they could be a sign of a serious vision problem that should be treated before causing permanent damage.

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Itchy Eyes

For many children, itchy eyes mean watching too much television or staring at an electronic device for too long. It can also be a sign of developing eye disease or infection, which needs to be treated right away to avoid spreading it to the class or damaging your child's eyesight.

Eye Irritation

Eye irritation is often a sign of allergies, which should be treated by your child's pediatrician. If that's not the case, your child may be suffering from a computer vision syndrome, especially if he uses a computer in the class as well as at home. We can offer environmental and lifestyle changes.

Red or Pink Eyes

This can be a sign of conjunctivitis, which can be wildly contagious and can spread through a classroom in just a few days. Usually mild, if your child has the rarer viral form it can be serious and must be treated.


If your child is squinting when watching television or reading a book, she may need eyeglasses. Our optometrist will gladly give her a complete eye exam to test her visual acuity.

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If your child is exhibiting any of these symptoms, or if he hasn't had an eye exam in at least two years, it's time for a visit to our office. Give us a call at 207-782-9501 and we'll schedule an appointment today