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How An Optometrist Can Treat Dry Eye

Why Are My Eyes So Dry?

Most of us have had dry eyes at one time or another. The scratchiness and irritation, that burning and blurry vision – it’s miserable.
Sometimes we understand why it’s happening – excessive wind, smoky rooms, or artificial environments such as airplanes are common culprits. Excessive screen time can trigger similar reactions. Most of these are easy to address or resolve themselves as circumstances improve.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Recurring dry eyes, however, may indicate larger issues, many of which interfere with healthy tear production. Tears aren’t just water – they contain a delicate mixture of mucus and oils designed to lubricate your eyes and protect them from infections. Any number of things can throw off that balance – diabetes, thyroid problems, vitamin A deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis, or other conditions of varying severity. Some medications temporarily disrupt tear production as well.

Most variations of dry eye syndrome are easily treatable once properly diagnosed, but this is where working with your optometrist is so very essential. Understanding the source of the problem is critical to proper treatment. Add to this the endless array of products packing the shelves, all claiming miraculous results, and on your own you’re looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

While your eyes hurt.

The Right Solution

“Artificial tears” can be a great solution – no pun intended – IF you can find the right viscosity and ingredients for your specific situation. There are several effective prescription eyes drops – IF you know precisely what’s needed in your case. Other times your ducts literally require adjustment or your glands unclogging – steps no one should attempt at home.

At Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center in Lewiston, we’ll help you do more than manage discomfort. Dr. Mailhot and staff are committed to your overall health and vision, from comprehensive eye exams to contacts to corrective surgery. It’s national expertise and contemporary technology with the warmth and personal attention of your friendly local optometry clinic.

Contact us to set up an appointment today. We’ll start by doing something about those dry eyes.