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Common Conditions That Can Be Caught During An Eye Exam

Common Conditions That Can Be Caught during an Eye Exam

A yearly eye exam is a good idea not only for the health of your eyes, but also for the health of your entire body. When your optometrist looks into your eyes, he or she has an unobstructed view of your blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. This view allows a trained professional to catch many diseases in their early stages, even before any symptoms have presented. At Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center, our optometry clinic in Lewiston offers not only care for your eyes and vision, but potentially for your entire body

Common Eye Conditions

An eye exam is the best way to find out that you may have glaucoma or cataracts. Depending on what we see during a normal eye exam, we may suggest that dilatation of your eyes is called for. This allows for a better look at the interior of your eyes, and a more definitive diagnosis. When the eyes are aging or when in the case of a person who has diabetes, a more extensive examination may be called for. 

Medical Conditions

One of the things that an optometrist may see when looking into your eyes, is damage to the blood vessels of the retina. This can be an indication of diabetic retinopathy.  Changes in the eyes often occur before other signs of diabetes present. Catching this early can get help you to get treatments started for this life-threatening disease. 

Blood vessels that look compressed or have become crossed can be a symptom of high blood pressure. 

With the use of a dilated fundus exam, two diseases can be detected, multiple sclerosis and sickle cell Disease. 

When You Need an Eye Exam in Lewiston

Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center in Lewiston is an optometry clinic that offers a wide range of eye care options to our patients. We offer not only care for your eyes and vision, but can help screen you for diseases that affect your entire body.  Give us a call us today at 207-782-9501 to set up an appointment with one of our optometrists.